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Mamaruga has been on the market since 2015. Our product quality is made to a very high standard. The technologies we use in the production processes are safe for children and each product is technologically improved.

Even today, weaving; knitting and sewing are still a very organic processes, they are the soul of art. At Mamaruga we believe in our ancient heritage so we use 100% natural fibres, which our finest craft people can bring into life.

We are a dedicated company to give the best as we can to look after our home, the planet Earth; the environment and our fellow human beings. We want to help to reduce the air pollution so we only work together with European based craft people and suppliers. All of our products are designed in UK and made in EU. Our carriers conform to the British and EU safety standards BS EN 13209-2:2015 and are acknowledged as hip-healthy products by the Hip Dysplasia Institute.

With Mamaruga, you and your Baby can enjoy precious moments together. Our products give the most comfortable feeling and a beautiful visual effect to your child.

We use mainly fine, quality cotton textiles which are delicate and feel light and natural, and soft fibre with an amazing durability.


Wash & Care

We recommend to wash your product. Please follow the instructions on the label. Washing cleans your product from dust and the threads are going to tighten together. We recommend that to wash your product at 30°C with a slow spin, using a liquid detergent. Do not use a fabric softener as this will weaken the threads after a period of time.

Your 100% cotton cloth will shrink a bit with the first wash. Your cloth shrinkage depends on how it is washed and dried. After washing your cloth, you can use it and they will relax out again.


Our Advice

Always follow the instructions on the wash & care label. Please look after your product and it will look after you.



All of our products are perfectly safe for your child. We buy our fabrics only from reliable sources and we only use fibres that are suitable for our purpose.

We only use oeko tex certified fibres, textiles, fabrics.


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