About Mamaruga

Mamaruga is a wonderful creation of our family.

Our story starts in a rural countryside where we spent most of our childhood. We love the nature, natural landscape, wildlife and of course designing and creating things.
Mamaruga is a place where pattern & colour are in great symbiosis, where imaginations are free to run wild. We create exceptional, modern designed kid’s products with love and responsibility for everyday use. 

The journey is so precious for us as we can share our time and meet extraordinary people who give meaning to our work. We love to help grow local economies, and believe in creating products that have a low environmental impact.  Our ethical approach during manufacturing is to create irresistible products used by the finest fabrics with the most delicate colour and design.

Everything we do is done with love and care. Basis of original craftsmanship, workmanship. We wouldn’t be here without our finest craft people whom help to bring our products into life.

Baby wearing is really the art of strong bonds, getting back to the true you and enjoying spending every single minute with your baby. It reminds us that everything is connected so we must live and breathe with awareness together. As all of our kid’s products are tested and approved by mums and children alike, we are absolutely sure you will find them super cosy and they will give you unforgettable moments too.

Mamaruga is based in the UK. Our inspiration comes from all around the world. The elements influence us, mainly Japanese, Nordic and European. We are taking inspiration from the stories of people around us.

We love creating pieces that are full of colours, passion, love, tranquillity and uniqueness. These ingredients make our kids products special.

We are passionate about design, we love our family, our friends, our community, our customers. We love to do yoga and read children’s books. We love taking photos of people and baking some sweet and savoury cakes on a cloudy, windy day. These precious things inspire us and add an extra hint of spice to our life.


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